Submission for the GJL Game Parade 2020. A little 2D pixel art platformer in which the player finds himself in a race against the time. Seize the "Diems" to gain extra seconds, prevent the sun from falling and the moon from taking over, and rush to the goal!

It is recommended to play in full-screen mode for a better experience.


Move left/right: A/D or Arrow left/right

Jump: Space-bar

Dash: Double tap a direction


Varcx (Me): Designer, Programmer, 2D Artist.

Lagoe (Francesco Felici): Programmer, Fine-tuning.


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Hi all! On the third level, which acts as a tutorial level for the game, there is a small typo: Instead of "Double click..", it should be "Double tap A or D to perform a dash". I'm sorry for the trouble this may cause.

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Edit: I meant "Double tap a direction", since you can either use A/D or arrow left/right to move.